About Us

Social Cause, a Hyderabad-based voluntary organization, came into being in May 2003. It is our humble endeavour to evolve it into a vibrant and courageous public opinion forum, which facilitates informed public opinion. Social Cause frequently arranges lectures, seminars, debates and discussions on issues of social and national importance where thinking citizens and intelligentsia gather together to listen to and share information and view points.

Reputed political commentators, persons from media, eminent scientists, retired army and police officers, high ranking bureaucrats, judges, social activists, etc. have addressed from Social Cause forum.

Social Cause sincerely believes that organs of the state and nation’s political and social institutions are strengthened when organisations and forums like Social Cause udertake the duty of informing the people and raising awareness among them on issues which impact our collective thinking and actions and have a bearing on the destiny of the nation and its people.

Social Cause is also bringing out a fortnightly e-newsletter titled ‘Social Cause’, committed to social thought and action. The newsletter is also hosted on the web.

Social Cause has organised mathematics and science workshops for school children. Social Cause has also meticulously designed a highly interactive, one-day, personality refreshment programme called ‘Arise!’ for 8th and 9th class students. This programme was initially launched in Hyderabad on 15th October, 2006 coinciding with the 76th birthday of president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and will be replicated in due course at various schools.

Broad objectives of Social Cause are (extract from bye-laws) :

1) To promote social awareness, consciousness and commitment amongst general public and tune their thinking and actions to all-encompassing loyalty to our society, our country, our people and indeed to all humanity and to motivate and inspire them to ably, efficiently and whole-heartedly discharge their social duties and national responsibilities;

2) To strive for enhancement of the quality of the executive, the legislature and the judiciary and other public institutions so that they would be even more efficient vehicles for ensuring best social good;

3) To promote rational thinking, scientific temper, humanism and a spirit of inquiry and necessary reform and further the cause of social peace and harmony and to nurture, preserve and promote the rich heritage of our Bharatiya culture;

4) To work for eradication of social evils and abhorrent practices and render help, assistance and service to the commoners in general and to the women, the weak, the poor, the downtrodden and the disadvantaged in particular and help them stand on their own feet and for ushering in an improvement in the quality of their lives; and

5) To strive towards excellence in all fields of individual and collective activity so that the society and nation would constantly rise to higher levels of endeavour and achievement.