Vandemataram Social Cause
Committed to social thought and action
(A registered society with No. 614/ 2003)
Bharat Mata Ki Jai
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Social Cause Invitation to Seminar on "Communal Violence Bill - Threat to National Integration & Social Harmony?"
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Let your energy & enthusiasm power 'Social Cause'

Let your energy & enthusiasm power 'Social Cause'

We, 'Social Cause', are a Hyderabad-based voluntary organisation, committed to arouse social thoughts and actions. With this objective in mind, we bring out 'Social Cause', a fortnightly e-newsletter for the thinking people. We also organize public programmes on current issues with a mission of promoting awareness on them and building an informed nationalist public opinion. We also organise interactive personality refreshment programmes, called 'Arise!', for high school students.

Social Cause wholeheartedly welcomes you. Your support to, and participation in, these humble endeavours would enable us to perform better.   

Like to contribute your bit? Then, here are a few ways how you can …

Promote Circulation

- If you are not yet a subscriber, please do enroll yourself as a subscriber to the 'Social Cause' fortnightly e-newsletter by entering your e-mail id at

- Introduce the newsletter to your friends and encourage them to subscribe to it.

- Refer us the e-mail ids of your friends, colleagues, members of family and relatives who would be interested in the newsletter.

- Circulate the newsletter widely among your friends by posting/ forwarding newsletter mail to the yahoo groups, orkut communities and other social networking groups in which you are a member.

Content Support

- If you have a flair for writing on social issues, you are welcome to contribute your articles and write-ups for the newsletter.

[Note: They will certainly be considered for publication subject to approval by our editorial team. As of now, no remuneration is paid even for the original articles accepted for publication.]

 - You are welcome to refer us to any news items/ articles carried in newspapers and magazines that you believe deserve greater attention and wider circulation in social interest, so that we can consider borrowing them for the newsletter.

Technical Support

 - If you have skill and technical expertise in web design and administration and if you can spare sometime for Social Cause, please let us know. We are only too eager to avail your services for improving the look, feel, quality and function of the website.

 Organisational Support

 - If you are in or around Hyderabad and would like to volunteer for any of the Social Cause activities, put a word to us and we can have the benefit of your valuable association and participation.

Financial Support

 - You are welcome to extend your financial help and support to the 'Social Cause.' Your contributions would help us in (i) establishing and running a basic office support system for the newsletter, (ii) organising public programmes, (iii) distribution of select literature at 'Arise!' programmes among students of government-run schools, and (iv) carrying out any other socially useful programme (like blood donation camps, succor to the orphans and restitutes). You are welcome to make either a general contribution or towards a specified purpose.

[Note: As of now there is no income tax exemption for contributions received by 'Social Cause'. Necessary formalities to obtain IT exemption are in the pipeline.]

Our bank account is in the name of ‘Social Cause' (SB A/c No. 006901026662 with ICICI Bank, Habsiguda Branch, Hyderabad). Contributions may be made electronically or directly deposited into the 'Social Cause' account. Since we do not yet have permission to receive foreign contributions, NRI donors are requested to e-transfer their donations only from their domestic accounts in Indian banks at home.  

Please mail the details of your contributions to along with your complete mailing address so that they can be acknowledged and proper receipt sent.

 In case of cheques/ DDs, they may be sent to 'Social Cause', Flat No. 001, Nagarjuna Apts, H.No.12-13-620, St. No.14, Nagarjuna Nagar, Tarnaka, Secunderabad - 500017.

 For any enquiries or clarifications, please mail to


 - If you would like to be a patron of the newsletter or of any project or activity by extending regular financial help, please put us a word so that Social Cause can have the benefit of your benevolence for promoting social good.


- Organisations with similar objectives are welcome to propose collaboration for organising any particular event or undertaking any particular project or activity.

Dr. Somaraju Suseela

President, Social Cause


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