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Articles - Ram Sethu
Faith in Ram vs. faith in Sonia - S. Gurumurthy
Arrogance, Thy name is Karunanidhi! - Cho Ramaswamy
'The Sethu Samudram does not make nautical sense' - Captaian (retired) H. Balakrishnan
Shelve the project & save money - Haran B.R.
Letter to Committee of Eminent Persons on SSCP - Dr. Subramanian Swamy
Ram was for real - Saroj Bala
Rama: political engineering - Sandhya Jain
When myths compete - Amrith Lal
Religion, rationality & development - Manoj Pant
Shades of Veeranam in Sethu? - Wg. Cdr. (retd.) K. Parthasarathi
Ramar rallies bhakthars against atheist Karunanidhi - R. Bhagwan Singh
Rama as Harry Potter, Valmiki as JK Rowling - S. Gurumurthy
Next elections: It's UPA versus Rama? - S. Gurumurthy
Faith, fact and fiction - Ashok Malik
Ram, science and religious belief - P.V. Indiresan
The Ram I know - Karan Singh
Denying Ram is denying India - Tarun Vijay
Victorious Ram - Tarun Vijay
Ram-Ravan war - II - Tarun Vijay
Unabridged edition of secular extremism - Swapan Dasgupta
Perversity as secularism - KPS Gill
Destroying bridges of faith - Chandan Mitra
Ram Sethu is our heritage, We shall protect it - Dr. Subramanian Swamy
Godless Left is a threat to unity - Balbir K. Punj
Kalaignar has lost the plot - Balbir K. Punj
God and us - Saubhik Chakrabarti
Faith can move mountains - B.G. Verghese
Sethusamudram and the hyper-reality of Ram - Jag Suraiya
Thus it was or wasn't - Bibek Debroy
Don't mix myth and history - Harbans Mukhia
Where fusion cannot work - faith and history - Romila Thapar
Communal govt.'s savage attack on Lord Rama & Ramayana - V. Sundaram
Hindu dharma humiliated - Sandhya Jain
Finish the sea, then chop off the Everest? - TJS George
The purely scientific case for Rama's Bridge - Rajeev Srinivasan
150-yr old dream for 150-yr old ships - Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar
Channel to disaster - Surajit Dasgupta
To shelve SSCP, hit hard with cost card! - Haran B.R.
The rollback is intelligent politics - Editorial, The New Indian Express
Sense & sensibility on channel - Editorial, The Hindu
Faith, politics and the judicial process - Editorial, The Hindu
Karunanidhi is inflaming passion - Editorial, The Pioneer
Sethusamudram, not alignment, is what matters - Editorial, The Tribune
India is a secular state, law minister should remember - Editorial, The Times of India
Ram not just a name, but a philosophy of dharma - Editorial, The Times of India
DMK cadre target BJP office over offensive remarks - Editorial, The Times of India
Faith flashpoints - Swapan Dasgupta
Amoral Code - M.J. Akbar
Ramar Sethu and ASI - T. Satyamurthy
Save Ram Sethu to save Bharat - J.G. Aurora
Rama Setu and Rama's historicity - Dr. N.S. Rajaram
Historicity of Ram - Dr. Murlidhar H. Pahoja
Is Shri Ram a historical figure? - Ashok Chowgule
Karunanidhi wrong, Ram an ancient Tamil icon - P. Ananthkrishnan
Adam bhaktas too have a case against dredging - A.J. Phillip
Scrap the shipping channel project - Nanditha Krishna
Did Rama exist? - Nanditha Krishna
Is the existence of Ram a matter of faith alone? - Devendra Dwivedi (Congress) & Sheshadri Chari (BJP)
Clash of faith: 'Aryan' Ram no God down south - Face the Nation programme on CNN IBN
Truth behind Ram Setu - 30 min programme on CNN INB
Is the Sethu canal project a good idea? (Big Fight programme on NDTV) - Ram Madhav (RSS), Seshadri Chary (BJP), Jayanthi Natarajan (Congress) etc.
More to destructive dredging than what meets the eye? - Cho Ramaswamy
Are Puri, Sringeri, Dwaraka and Badri Acharyas anti-national, Mr. MK? - S. Gurumurthy
Only a mass movement can save Ram Setu - A.G. Arora
Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project: A good thing done badly! - Sundara Krishnaswami
It just does not make 'nautical sense' - Capt. (retd.) H. Balakrishnan
Scientific & security aspects of Sethusamudram Channel Project - Chennai Seminar Proceedings
Indian Ship Canal Project threatens Sri Lankan Ecology - Damitha Hemachandra
'Ramayana' facts vs. 'Keemayana' fiction - I - V. Sundaram
'Ramayana' facts vs. 'Keemayana' fiction - II - V. Sundaram
'Ramayana' facts vs. 'Keemayana' fiction - III - V. Sundaram
'Ramayana' facts vs. 'Keemayana' fiction - IV - V. Sundaram
Save Ram Setu - Editorial, The Pioneer
Dummy's guide to Ramar Bridge - Jayaraj Sivan
Why Ram Setu must not be destroyed - Tarun Vijay
Unless realigned, canal threatens Ram Setu - K. Venkataramanan
Is it a conspiracy to destroy Hindu heritage? - Dina Nath Mishra
Ram Sethu: Historical facts vs. political fiction - V. Sundaram
Ram Setu is in danger - Amitabh Tripathi
Is Ram Setu' a nemesis for 'DPA' in Tamilnadu? - Haran B.R.
Rama's bridge - A note on its origin - Srinivasan V.
"Ministry bulldozed into according clearance" - Jayalalithaa
Is ignorance bliss? - R. Ramesh
Impact of the Sethu Samudram Ship Canal Project - Coastal Action Network
Evaluation of the environmental impact assessment - Meche Lu & Mark Chernaik
Rediff interview with O. Fernandes, Co-convener of Costal Action Network
Don't play politics wtih sethu bridge - Editorial, The Economic Times
Video that shows Ram Sethu
Audio of a talk-show on 'Sethusamudram Project - The danger to Ram Sethu'

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